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MPC Customizer

Custom Themed MPC5000

Currently Avail. for all MPC , NI Maschine, MPK, MPD & MAX models

The MPC Customizer will be coming 2017, as for now you can contact me and i can digitally customize your unit to your color preference etc etc to a certain degree, this does take time so i won’t go to crazy or do to many color changes, unless you have left a deposit on a customized unit, or willing to pay for the design time.

These are very detailed, every part of the mpc is customizable. The MPC/Midi Controller is a blank canvas.

Paid Custom designs will be sent in High Resolution for poster size prints!

For now the mpc customizer will be to build custom painted units, I will be setting up for custom wraps a little later, i can get them done if needed though. All wraps are printed in High resolution no pixelation. Examples coming soon.

Custom Themed MPC2000XL