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 16squarez is a small company that is constantly thinking of how to make great idea’s/products even better than originally created.

 At 16squarez, We zoom in on the die hard hustlers and grinders that try and pay their bills with their passions and are willing to die trying. We feel it is much more than customizing musical instruments, clothing and art . It is a way of living!

 Our slogan is simple, “bang hard or go home”.


16squarez Vision

Who We Are

 The whole crew basically grew up heavily in the early 90’s in Sacramento CA.

 Exhausting all of our energy and time into the hiphop culture, mostly Graffiti, a little B-Boying, and DJ’ing house parties and warehouse parties, can’t forget about MCing, we would definitely get in our freestyle sessions at house parties and raves!

 Today we are still doing the same thing and loving every second of it, now its just on a more responsible level. Gone the days of all night bombing missions, although sometimes it just has to happen to keep the energy flowing!


What We Offer

  • Musical Equipment Customization
  • Custom MPC/Midi Controller Sales
  • Repairs/Service (MPC/Midi Controllers)
  • Parts (MPC/Midi Controllers)
  • We also purchase Used/old or broken MPC’s and Midi Controllers.
  • Clothing
  • Art
  • Full 1yr. warranty on all units purchased thru 16squarez
  • And lots of that “good ol’ fashion quality!”

What We Can Give

What we can give is our best!

Our Skillz

Customization, Design, and Music.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to supply great designs and customization to everyone at the upmost of quality.
Its always “quality over quantity” all day everyday.

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